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In the summer of 2013, Corinne and Kody launched Disability in Kidlit as a one-month event, and decided to continue on after receiving overwhelming support from the kidlit community. We’ve been going strong ever since, and we’ve recently felt due for a makeover.

We’re thrilled to unveil our new website at our brand-new domain www.disabilityinkidlit.com! Update your bookmarks, links, and RSS feeds, all!

We wanted a site that was clean, easy to navigate, accessible to all, and visually appealing. We think we succeeded, and hope you agree! Huge thanks to Corinne for all the work she put into making this site a reality, and to Jessi Esparza for our beautiful new logo.

Exciting new features include:

  • Far easier browsing! Instead of scrolling down entire posts, we now simply list our posts with descriptive excerpts.
  • Improved handling of authors, including a proper byline with co-author support–no more unwieldy post titles!–and marvelous author pages including bios and contributions.
  • A brand-new search function, allowing you to search by age category, genre, disability, post type, or all of the above.
  • Grouped tags, allowing you to search by other topics, such as assistive tools or titles.
  • Increased accessibility, including skiplinks, improved use of headers, and easy links to increase font size or contrast.
  • Prettier links. Want to see our mental illness-related posts? Check out disabilityinkidlit.com/disability/mental-illness. Or perhaps everything we’ve covered about disability in fantasy books? disabilityinkidlit.com/genre/fantasy is the way to go!
  • And lots of other minor improvements here and there!

If you run into any problems, do let us know.

In addition to our new-and-improved look, we’ve got some wonderful things on the horizon. In April, we’re hosting our Autism on the Page event, which will feature daily posts—reviews, articles, and interviews—from autistic contributors. This will be a fantastic resource for all things autism in kidlit, and we’re beyond excited.

We’re also thrilled to announce we’re compiling a Recommended Reading list of books we’ve vetted and have given our official stamp of approval. It’s our most requested resource (especially by librarians and teachers looking to expand their collections) and something we’ve been eager to curate for ages. Look for that around late spring/early summer.

As always, thank you to all our contributors and readers for your continued support!


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  1. Wow! I just stumbled upon this website, and I love it! As a writer whose stories feature characters with disabilities, I can’t say how much I appreciate all the fantastic work you guys are doing. Keep up the amazing work!