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  • Looking for an up-to-date list of MG/YA featuring major characters with disabilities? You’ll want our Goodreads account. Use the shelves on the left-hand side if you’re looking for a book portraying a specific disability. If a book is on our “wishlist shelf,” it means we’d love to receive a review for it! See our review policy.

    Keep in mind that this list is quantitative, not qualitative. We haven’t read the vast majority of the books and cannot vouch for their contents — we simply want to provide a resource so that people know the books are out there.

    We welcome corrections, additional information, and book suggestions from anyone. However, we only include books with disabled main characters or prominent secondary characters.

    When you suggest a book, we’d appreciate it if you could include a Goodreads link (or use the built-in Goodreads recommendation feature) and as much info as possible: is the disabled character the main character, or a secondary character? What kind of disability/ies are featured? If you’d like to provide additional information, such as age category, genre, and whether the character is also a person of color or queer, that would be marvelous. Please send your suggestions to team@disabilityinkidlit.com or via Goodreads itself.

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