New Year, New Pages, New Changes

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The entire Disability in Kidlit team wishes you a spectacular 2015!

We thought it was time for an update as there have been some changes around here–and some other changes coming up. The most exciting of these changes is that we’ve received enough contributions that we’re doubling up on posts! Instead of only publishing new content on the first Friday of the month, we’ll be publishing on the first and third Friday. We’re so thrilled to share these great reviews and articles with you!

This posting schedule will continue for the first half of the year at least, after which we’ll reassess the situation.

Another change is that we’ve added some pages to the site:

  • A shiny FAQ page with all sorts of information, including how you can help out the site (comment to show your appreciation! spread the word!), and how we can help you in turn (give suggestions! answer your questions!).
  • A content page, offering an easy overview of what we’ve published to date.
  • A book lists page, for easy access to the various ways to see what’s out there in terms of books with disabled characters. Of particular interest may be the book lists we’ve been posting on Tumblr semi-regularly.

Keep in mind that our Tumblr also has other content you won’t find here. We reblog all kinds of disability-related content, which is great for authors wanting to learn more about the disability community, ableism, and our daily life; we share Disability in Kidlit quotes; and we answer all kinds of questions from readers.

Finally, as you may have seen on our social media, we’re planning an autism-centric event for April. We have some great content lined up already, and remain on the hunt for more contributors. If you’re autistic and want to contribute a review or article, email us so we can discuss what works best!

(Of course, we’re always open to contributors with all kinds of other disabilities!)

All the best,

Corinne, Kayla and Kody


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