See You In September!

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Hi everyone!

Well, July has officially come to an end, and with it, the blog’s daily post schedule. Even though we’ve decided to continue Disability in Kidlit indefinitely, it still feels like we’re wrapping something up, like we’ve come to an end of sorts—and let me tell you, it feels fantastic. We’re so thrilled with how this event has gone. The types of posts we’ve featured, the reactions we’ve gotten, the places people have linked to the blog … We couldn’t be happier, and we wanted to thank all of you for following along this month.

Most of all, we want to thank the contributors who made all of this possible. Without their insight, thoughtfulness, criticism, enthusiasm, and occasional delightful snark, this event wouldn’t have been half as fantastic as it’s been. From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU.

So, what’s next?

First of all, this blog will go on hiatus. We’ll feature no new content during August, except perhaps for a housekeeping post or two. Our Tumblr and Twitter accounts will follow suit; we’ll still reblog and retweet, but it’s no longer a priority.

We’ll return in September, this time on a weekly schedule. New posts will go live each Friday. We’ll feature the same kind of content we have so far, with perhaps an extra feature or two that we’re still hashing out.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do:

* Consider contributing! We have a couple of people lined up already, but we’re still welcoming more. We’re open to contributors with all sorts of disabilities, and we welcome all sorts of posts and reviews (details in the link).

* We’d particularly like to put out a call for contributors of color and those belonging to other marginalized groups. We want to represent the full spectrum of disability, and that includes people who belong to various other minorities, and—should our contributors be interested in writing about this topic—a look at how these identities intersect with their disability.

* We’re also open to ideas/suggestions for topics from any of our readers.

* If you’ve joined us late, consider looking through our archives! You can use our tag system, or look at posts sorted by category, such as our discussion posts, our various reviews, and, of course, our articles.

* Take a look at our book list on Goodreads. We welcome suggestions and additional information, and we’d love you if you could spread the word.

* If you’re an author with a major publisher who’s written a prominent disabled character and you want to offer us a review copy, e-mail us! We’ll do our best to find a suitable reviewer.

Again, thank you so much for checking us out, and we hope to see you again in September!

All the best,

Corinne, Kayla, and Kody



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    For any person with disabilities who ever yearned to see someone like them in a book when they were growing up (or are growing up now) … for anyone who didn’t meet enough fictional characters with disabilities in books when they were growing up … or who met characters with disabilities but were hurt, frustrated, or angry at the tropes they portrayed … for anyone trying to write about characters with disabilities, particularly for young adults and for kids in the middle grades … the Disability in Kid Lit blog is for you. Check them out and consider contributing. They particularly welcome contributors with disabilities. ESPECIALLY if you also belong to other marginalized communities (for example, people of color with disabilities, etc.)

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