Disability in Kidlit Lives On!

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As you know, Disability in Kidlit was conceived as a one-month blog event, intended to be a resource for the kidlit community to learn more about disability and encourage more and accurate portrayals in MG/YA fiction. We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response, and we want to thank everyone who has joined us this month. Because of this response and what we feel is a hunger for more content, we’re thrilled to announce:

Disability in Kidlit will live on!

We have decided to continue Disability in Kidlit as an ongoing blog rather than a one-time event. We will still feature the same types of content (articles about disability and reviews of MG/YA books), and we’re hoping to bring some exciting new content as well!

We have also created a Goodreads account which will allow us to do two things: 1) crosspost reviews that appear on the blog, and 2) provide a comprehensive, up-to-date list of MG/YA novels featuring characters with disabilities. We can’t vouch for these books—we haven’t read most of them ourselves—but we hope this will help connect readers with the books they want. You can find more info about our Goodreads account on our new Resources page, including the ways we’d love for you to help us curate our bookshelves.

This month couldn’t have happened without all the work from our contributors, and that will continue to be the case. We are actively seeking posts from both current and new contributors! If you’re interested in being a contributor, please see our brand-new, shiny guidelines.

We’ll be taking the month of August to prepare and will re-launch in September! Posts will appear weekly rather than daily to ensure a steady stream of posts and the moderators’ relative calm of mind. We couldn’t be more excited for the chance to continue. We’re so thrilled that you all share our passion and hope you’ll be back with us come September!

Thanks for everything!

Kody Keplinger, Corinne Duyvis, and our fabulous newest addition to the mod team, Kayla Whaley