Big Changes to Disability in Kidlit

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Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a lovely Friday thus far.

Today Corinne, Kayla, and I are announcing some news. Disability in Kidlit will be undergoing some changes, and we wanted to round them up and share them with you today.

Monthly Posts

Instead of posting once a week, Disability in Kidlit is altering its schedule. From now on, we’ll be posting new content on the first Friday of every month.  As writers, Corinne, Kayla, and I have schedules which fluctuate with each new project, and right now, we all need to be focusing on our writing. We’re still very devoted to DiKL, however, and we want to keep bringing you the best content we possibly can without us or our contributors feeling rushed. However . . .

We’re Still Seeking Submissions

So please don’t let this change stop you from submitting your post ideas if you’d like to contribute. In fact, we still actively need and welcome submissions! Remember, we’re looking from posts from people who identify as disabled, on topics that relate to their disability and children’s lit. Check out our submissions page for more detail. We’re particularly looking for more reviews. In addition, a couple of weeks ago we updated the page detailing what we’re looking for in terms of articles. Take a look, if you haven’t yet!


We will still be updating our Tumblr daily, so please check that out if you haven’t already. We post and reblog some great content on the subject of disability there.

And we have one piece of very exciting news . . .

Twitter Chat!

Corinne, Kayla, and I have been talking for a while now about running a Twitter chat to discuss disability and its relation to children’s literature. And we’ve finally nailed down a date! Please join us on Saturday, February 22nd at 3pm EST/noon PST using the hashtag #DiKLChat. We’ll post a reminder for this closer to time. Meanwhile, follow the Disability in Kidlit Twitter account for any updates.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! We’ll see you on the first Friday of the month!


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