Welcome Back!

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It’s September, which means we’re back!

While the August break was lovely (and so very refreshing), we could not be more thrilled to begin having regular content again. We’ll be posting weekly instead of daily, with new posts going up every Friday. As you’ve probably guessed, the first post will be up this Friday, September 6! Make sure you follow the blog itself for updates, as well as on Twitter and Tumblr.

We’ve got some great stuff coming up, but we’re still open to new and returning contributors! If you’re interested, make sure you check out our guidelines and then shoot us an email. We’d especially love to hear from POC and those interested in writing reviews.

Finally, Kayla did an interview about our re-launch over at London Crockett’s blog, which should tide you over until this party really gets started on Friday.

Thanks so much for your continued interest and passion and support. We really appreciate it, and we’re so excited to be back!

Corinne, Kayla, and Kody


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