Here We Go!

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Corinne and I are so excited for the start of Disability in Kidlit! While the bulk of our event will run through the month of July, we do have one post going live very soon that I think will give you all a good taste of what this series is about—stay tuned.

Just a few quick notes:

First, we want to give a heads up that there may be some swearing or other mature content in this series. We wanted all of our contributors to feel free to stay true to their own voices.

Second, we will be running a feature on Thursdays that includes multiple contributors. We posed a question to all our contributors and invited them to respond with their personal views. It’s a fun way to get a lot of perspectives on different topics that relate to disability.

And, finally, remember that we’ll have a new post every single day in July—so be sure to watch out for those on here, Tumblr, and Twitter!

Thanks for keeping up with us, and we hope you enjoy the series!


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