Coming this July!

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Hello Internet!

After much emailing and planning, Corinne Duyvis and I are nearly ready to bring Disability in Kidlit to a blogosphere near you!

Starting July 1, this blog will feature posts by writers and bloggers and other peeps from the YA and MG communities discussing disability and kidlit. There will be posts about person experiences, reviews of books featuring disabled characters, discussions of tropes and stereotypes, and more!

Our goal is for this month-long series to serve as a resource for readers and writers hoping to learn more about the realities of disability, which are often quite different from what you read in books or see on TV.

We’ll be covering a spectrum of disabilities and mental health disorders and sending you info on a variety of social platforms, including our Twitter and Tumblr (where we’ll also be reblogging and retweeting anything disability-related that you might find interesting or useful). We hope you’ll stick around!

See you on July 1st!


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