Honor Roll suggestions

If there’s a book you think we should consider for the Disability in Kidlit Honor Roll, we’d love to hear from you. You can send us your recommendation using the form below; you may do so anonymously, if you wish.

Recommendations/suggestions from authors and others officially affiliated with the book are welcome.

Please carefully read these guidelines before submitting.

Please only submit books that are eligible for our Honor Roll. This means:

  • Young adult or middle grade
  • Fiction
  • Available in print from a major publisher (defined as having significant bookstore and library presence)
  • The point-of-view character/protagonist/main character must be disabled

We will happily accept suggestions for graphic novels, but we prefer standalones or limited series rather than ongoing titles. Although graphic novels aren’t always marketed as MG/YA, we’ll accept any GNs where the protagonist and content fit the correct age category.

Please do not submit any titles which:

  • do not fit within the categories listed above, or
  • have already been negatively reviewed on our website, or
  • are already on our Honor Roll

Please only submit titles you’ve read, unless you can provide us with multiple links to disabled readers praising the book and/or a public statement indicating the book is #ownvoices; if this information is not already public, please do not ask the author about it.

While the length of the form seems intimidating, only the first four questions are required. All the other questions are completely optional.

Honor Roll suggestions
We ask this question because we weigh suggestions by disabled people more heavily.
We ask this question because we prioritize novels by disabled authors.
NOTE: Please do not ask the author about their disability or lack thereof. If they’ve spoken about their disability openly, we’d love to know about it, but we absolutely do not want anyone to feel put on the spot or otherwise pressured into disclosing or discussing their disability. If you yourself are the author, we want to stress that this is entirely optional. If you wish to tell us but not make it public, that’s fine too. Just let us know, and it’ll stay within the DIKL team.
Reading the opinions of other disabled people helps us a lot, even if we never end up adding the book to the Honor Roll.
Be as vague or specific as you'd like. You can give your name, you can give your role in relation to the book, your email address or Twitter handle, etc.